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ILS's Certification Process

ILS assures the quality of our pre-owned inventory by placing each vehicle through the ILS Certification process. This process has become the cornerstone of the ILS business model. Our "ILS Certified" vehicles inspire pride,confidence,and peace of mind for our clients.We strive to change the way the industry views buying used livery vehicles. ILS has developed the following steps that the ILS Certification process is built upon:

Comprehensive 62-Point Inspection

ILS performs a comprehensive 62-point check of the vehicle upon its arrival.


A free CARFAX report is available for our customers to view on all of our vehicles. CARFAX is a service that ILS employs to pull a complete history on each vehicle from that vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number.

Warranty and recall work is performed at the chassis manufacturers dealership. At that point the vehicle is also checked for any other routine maintenance that is required.

Mechanic Inspection and Repairs

Our mechanic uses the manufacturers dealership checklist to determine and complete any additional repairs needed.The mechanic is given permission to repair anything he determines necessary .

Body Shop Repairs

Our body repair shop repairs any body damage and removes any major dents, deep scratches.We paint alot of the front and rear bumpers.

Dent Removal

Our dent removal specialist removes any minor dents. (Please note that there are some dents that we may be unable to remove)

Vinyl Top Inspection/Repair

An inspection of the vinyl top is performed for any tears, scratches, stains or extensive wear and then the top is repaired or replaced as needed.

Interior Repair

The leather upholstery and carpet is inspected for any tears, scratches, burn marks, and stains or extensive wear and then repaired by a interior specialist or replaced as needed (Most of the vehicles have the front and rear bottom cushions replaced with new leather.)

Paint Touch Up

Any minor scratches, blemishes, and chips in the exterior paint are touched up by a professional painter.

Windshield Repair

Any windshields with cracks are replaced and any with chips are repaired.

Front-End Alignment

A front-end alignment is performed on every unit.

Tire Inspection

All tires are inspected for tread wear. Any found to have more than 20% wear are replaced. A spare tire, jack, and tools are provided with each vehicle.


A professional detailing is performed inside and out.


Two sets of keys are given with every vehicle.

Post Inspection

Final walk around inspection is made before delivery to customer to verify that all work has been completed.

At the completion of this certification process, our vehicles are some of the nicest pre-owned vehicles on the market. We would like all our customers to understand that while we strive to recondition each vehicle to meet our customers high standards they are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Our "Certification Process" is performed on the following units. Limo for Sale | Limos for Sale | Used Limos | Limo Sale | Used Limousines | Bus for Sale | Buses for Sale | Church Bus for Sale | Church Buses | Used Buses for Sale | Used Busses for Sale | Used Busses | Party Bus for Sale | Party Buses for Sale | New Buses | New Shuttle Buses | New Limo Buses | New Party Buses | Used Limo for Sale | Limo Sales | Used Limo Sale | Used Limo Sales | Stretch Limo Sale | SUV Limo Sales | Mercedes Sprinter Limo Sale Some warranties available for a Limo for Sale and Limos for Sale. Some Used Limos are a Limo Sale. Used Limousines and a Bus for Sale. Buses for Sale are some Church Bus for Sale.Church Buses will be Used Buses for Sale. Used Busses for Sale or Used Busses can be a Party Bus for Sale. Party Buses for Sale come in New Buses and New Shuttle Buses. New Limo Buses are considered New Party Buses. Used Limo for Sale can be found in Limo Sales. Used Limo Sale and Used Limo Sales are the same as a Stretch Limo Sale. SUV Limo Sales and Mercedes Sprinter Limo Sale are included for extended warranties.

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