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Effective Recruiting Habits

    Effective Recruiting Habits

    Educate First

    Focus on Long Term Opportunities

    Fire Before you Hire

    Evaluate Their Work Habits by Observing

    Concentrate on Other Industries

    Tell Your Story

     Integrate in Your Organization

     Value Work Ethic First

     Effectively Investigate Them

       Recruit with Conviction

     Explore from Within

     Customer Base Mined

     Referrals from Your Network

     Understand the Position You are Filling

     Investigate  Their Family Situation

     Take Time to Recruit

     Involve Your Team Members

     Never Stop Training Them

     Go Out and Find Them

        Help Your Team Members to be Successful

     Always be Recruiting

     Be Involved in Your Communities


     Treat Them as Teammates and Not as Employees

     Save Them from Themselves