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Habits and Values of Success

The Habits and Values of Success by John Crocker

Take Time to Think about Everything

Have High Standards

Everyone must be on board

Honesty Always Rules

Integrity and Maintains Honesty

Direction Shows you Where you are Going

Dedication Determines Outcome

 Excellence Should be Attempted Every Time

Never Give Up

Succeed in Everything

Exceed Their Expectations, as well as Your Own

Company and Family First

Review and Change Constantly

Educate Yourself Everyday by Reading, Observing, and Listening

Train Everyone and Yourself All the Time

Strive for Maximum Performance

Observe Everything
Focus and Refocus

Second Effort Every Time

Unite Everyone

Copy Others Who are Successful

Change What you Copy for the Better

Exercise so you can Enjoy Life Longer

Stability Builds and Strengthens Your Foundation

Survive !!!