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How To Succeed at Parenting


How to Succeed at Parenting

  Have a Life Plan Before You Have Children
  One on One Time

  Win the Conflict by Giving Them a Choice of Outcome's
  Take Them on Vacations

  Observing You is How They Learn
  Sacrifice Your Personal Time for Them
  Understand that You Get One Opportunity to Raise Them
  Control Their Environment 

  Camp with Them as Much as You Can

  Expose Them to All Team Activities Around Five Years Old

  Encourage Them to try New Things

  Dependency Ends After Education
  Athletics, Music and Art are Secondary to Education

 Teach Them Work Ethic and Pay Them Well
  Pick Your Battles to Win The War

  Always Be the Boss of Your Home

  Read to Them All of the Time 

  Exercise with Them on Their Level

  NO Means NO and Learn to Use It

  Technology Must be Managed by the Parent

   Independence  is Your Final Goal for Them

   Never be Late with Them and  Your Goal is  to be Ten Minutes Early

   Grand Parents, Relatives and Friends Involved Because it Takes A Village